A Bag of Warm, Viscous Fluid in A Cheep Plastic Microwave, Day ’98 in The Year of Fun

A Bag of Warm, Viscous Fluid in A Cheep Plastic Microwave, Day ’98 in The Year of Fun. 1. ‘Sploytation Day. Pick a Trope and ‘Sploytate. 2. Soup Flavored Ice Cream for True Ice Cream Soup. 3. ‘Everybody Remembers A 140 Degree Day.’ —Stringer Bell in Hell. Continue reading A Bag of Warm, Viscous Fluid in A Cheep Plastic Microwave, Day ’98 in The Year of Fun

Day ’87 The Year of Fun

The Wings on An Old Van Halen Logo, Day ’87, The Year of Fun: 1. Play “Say the Next Line in This Dumb Arnold Swartzenegger Movie Before They Do.” 2. Live As If This Is The Past’s Version of Today. 3. “Someday, Language Won’t Be A Barrier to Worldwide Communication, The Interface Will Be The Barrier.” From ‘Bryan TALKS To TED: Imaginary Technobabble For Tomorrow’s Worldspace.’ Pop Culture Today: This Weekend is Tabletop Day. Play board games and enjoy, ya nerd. Visit links for info and free games. The free Little Fears makes the free bundle a great deal. http://www.tabletopday.com/Continue reading Day ’87 The Year of Fun

Invasion from Outer Space: The Martian Game (2010)

I like so-called Ameritrash games better than European strategy games. There, I said it. Essen is coming up and all of the gaming blogs are gearing up for the latest worker placement game or auction game or game that recreates building a 17th century citadel or whatnot. But I’m most excited about the latest Fantasy Flight opus Mansion of Madness, a goober filled box of theme, mystery and asymmetrical play. Loves me the Lovecraft board games. And Fantasy Flight is one of the top Ameritrash game makers. So, what is an Ameritrash game? While the name sounds negative, i don’t … Continue reading Invasion from Outer Space: The Martian Game (2010)

Neuroshima Hex for iPhone (2010)

The other day when I went into my Friendly Local Neighborhood Game Store, one of the owners asked me how I liked my iPad. I had shown him Small World on the iPad a few weeks ago and he seemed impressed. The other hangers-on in the store, the group of guys who always seem to be there had bad-mouthed me about my Mac toy a while ago. No bother, a lot of irrational Mac haters still live in 1996. Fortunately, the genial owner saw the benefit of the iPad for RPG’s and as translations for board games and would ask … Continue reading Neuroshima Hex for iPhone (2010)

Settlers of Catan Dice Game (2007)

Meh. I’m not a big fan of the original Settlers of Catan. There’s too much luck and I’m not a trader. It seems longish as well. However, the bits are nice and it’s often cited as the number on gateway game. People who don’t play a lot of nerdier board games will play Settlers of Catan. Well, The Settlers of Catan Dice Game takes all the elements of the original Settlers that people liked and chucks them out the window. It’s a dirt simple press your luck dice game. There’s zero interaction and a lot of dice rolling. The game … Continue reading Settlers of Catan Dice Game (2007)

Bohnanza (1997)

I wonder if in countries where haggling is prevalent, are card games like Bohnanza popular? Is there an Afghan version of Settlers of Catan? I don’t know and furthermore am I being racist? I hope they play a lot of weird German card games in the barter countries, you know, to increase the peace. Ok, that seemed racist. Bohnanza is a light card game where you trade, plant and harvest different types of beans for victory points. First off, beans? This isn’t a game where the mechanic is heavily intertwined with the theme, so the collecting and planting and harvesting … Continue reading Bohnanza (1997)

Gemlok (2007)

Shortly after starting this review blog, I realized I wasn’t really writing reviews to crank out reviews for the non-masses. That’s a bit unselfish a thing to be doing for free. To keep this blog up, I plan to write mostly about ideas that interest me. I’m a pop culture baby. A life of television, movies, games, books and music infects how I see the world, process it and deal with it. Celebrities regularly show up in my dreams and help me fight the zombies within. Maybe that’s shallow, but it’s the ideas behind all the pop consumption that interest … Continue reading Gemlok (2007)

Forbidden Island the board game (2010)

The original intent of this blog was board game reviews. Shells and I would play a game a day and then I’d write about it. That didn’t really work out, but we are trying to play three games a week, so I’ll do occasional game reviews. This is a good game to start with since it’s really a pretty nice, cheap, gateway game. If you’re not a hard core board gamer, you should find some enjoyment in this light Pandemic-like game. Forbidden Island is quick cooperative game for 1 to 6 players. It’s probably best at four players. For those … Continue reading Forbidden Island the board game (2010)