Jackass Forever (2022)

Jackass Forever is critic-proof. If you like the Jackass franchise, you’ll like this movie. If you love Jackass, you’ll love this movie and, of course, if you hate Jackass, you’ll hate this one as well. I like Jackass, so I laughed like a hyena at the mostly wall to wall nut punching. Really, I already wrote most of the review when I reviewed the trailer. To wit: “I have a Y Chromosome, I will see this dumb movie. I have a Y Chromosome, I will laugh like a dumbass at this dumb movie. I mean, Eric Andre is in it, … Continue reading Jackass Forever (2022)

Cleopatra Jones and The Casino of Gold (1975) (HBOMax)

Cleopatra Jones is back—Karate-kicking her way up The Hong Kong Drug Syndicate! </End Generic Lede> The original Cleopatra Jones was a low-budget, sloppy charmer. Successful, the movie made four times its budget back after just four weeks of release. Cleopatra Jones and The Casino of Gold, according to Wikipedia, was a critical and commercial flop as the Blaxplotation Era was ending. Man, I hate the metric of commercial success and even popular opinion as a guide to the inherent worth of a film. But, I wanted to start with some context, as I just came to the movie as a … Continue reading Cleopatra Jones and The Casino of Gold (1975) (HBOMax)

Playtime (1967)

I will fail at this review. It’s isn’t that I don’t like this movie. I do. A lot. But convincing you to see it may be difficult. It’s French. It’s an older movie. And there is almost zero plot. But I was riveted. Full Disclosure: I watched the first half of the film three months ago and turned it off. Why? I was kind of overwhelmed by the film. There isn’t fast editing or any sort of cinematic shenanigans to trick you. And yet, keeping up was mentally exhausting, not knowing what I expected going in. Most of the shots … Continue reading Playtime (1967)

Promising Young Woman (2020)

Premiered January 25, 2020 Hey guys, don’t rape blackout drunk women. Or, you know, rape at all. Or be a support system for rapists. Cassie (Mulligan) spends her evenings pretending to be shitfaced so men take her home and take advantage of her. Then, she turns the tables on them. At heart, It’s a revenge film with a new twist. A lot as been said about the movie and it’s certainly a movie most people need to see to spark discussion. So, I don’t want to say too much. I like how visually, the film subverts the male gaze. Hollywood … Continue reading Promising Young Woman (2020)

Evilspeak (1982)

Premiered August 22, 1982 Last week, on my week-long vacation, I did nuthin. Well, that’s not true, I did catch up on some Joe Bob Briggs movies and commentary on Shudder. This movie holds a special place in my heart. Back in Blockbuster days, I would always pick Evilspeak to watch, based on the awesome cover. But by the time I picked ten other movies, Evilspeak would get cut. And later, it sat on the DVR until I deleted it for space. Not really sure why. I’m glad I waited because the Joe Bob commentary made me like the movie … Continue reading Evilspeak (1982)

Sally Mae

Once upon a many rotations of the sun, Sally Mae was a small girl. Now, she is a big girl. But when she was a small girl, she was the queen of the world. From the trees in the back of the house and down the road that went nowhere into the bushes. From the huts on one side of the field to the pond on the other. Her father said she was the queen of it all and that was all there was. From the trees to the bushes and from the huts to the pond. The small girl … Continue reading Sally Mae

A Rubic’s Cube of Weird Emotions, Day 192, Knuckle-Busting The Year of Fun.

A Rubic’s Cube of Weird Emotions, Day 192, Knuckle-Busting The Year of Fun. 1. “This Time Machine is Three Seconds Late.” — A Line from Next Summer’s Big-Time James Franco/Seth Rogen Time Travel Movie ‘Let’s Kill Paris Hilton!’. 2. Putting The Blank in Blank Day.* 3. Rubicon — Kansas City’s Premier Going Too Far Convention. * Era in Insufferable. * Junk in Junction. * Face in Facetious. * Miso in Misogyny. * Un in Cunt. (Do Not Use as Compliment. Or Ever.) Music Video Today (MVT): One of my favorite Aimee Mann songs and it’s not from Magnolia. Wordplay — … Continue reading A Rubic’s Cube of Weird Emotions, Day 192, Knuckle-Busting The Year of Fun.

The Weisenheimer Brainstorm, Day 130 In Touch With Your Year of Fun.

The Weisenheimer Brainstorm, Day 130 In Touch With Your Year of Fun. 1. Today on ‘Memories of What I Used To Eat,’ A Food Blog:Misty Water-Covered Chestnuts.Triple Decker Vienna Sausage French Toast Sadwich.My Feelings.Pictures Are Overexposed on Purpose. 2. Don’t Forget to Bag The Racked Over Coals of My Heart And Return to Store. My Heart’s Switching to Frakking for The Big Corporate Payout. 3. Wow, No Number Three Today. Let’s Be Lame and Blame The Day of The Week. ‘Effin Wed-nes-Day, Right?It’s What Now? Today is The Day I Jump The Shark, Sadly.Strap on The Evil Boweevil Spangled Jumpsuit, … Continue reading The Weisenheimer Brainstorm, Day 130 In Touch With Your Year of Fun.