Over Stuffing The Threadbare. Day 148 of The Year in Fun. 1. Use 3-D Printer to Make Top-Shelf Whiskey, Time Traveling DeLoren. 2. Release My Inner Middle Child. 3. Divorce Work Wife, Shack Up With Work Mistress/Work Love Child at Part-Time Taco John’s Job. So Mad Men, is it Yankee Wrinkle or Yankee Whistle? And just what is that? Google/Bing: You suck. Pop Culture Today: After the first two new Arrested Development on Netflix, I give you a hearty ‘eh.’ While nice to see everyone again, only laughing once was a problem. Both overcrowded and repetitive, AD is better in … Continue reading D148

On The 101, Comin’ At ‘Cha Low T-Style, Full Stop, D101 /YoF

On The 101, Comin’ At ‘Cha Low T-Style, Full Stop, D101 /YoF: 1. ‘Homosapien Like Me: Sexcapades With Hollywood’s Elite’ By Coco The Monkey. Foreword By Betty White. 2. Emily Litella Day. “What’s All This I Hear About Sax and Violins on TV?” Etc. 3. Today’s Short List of What Will Financially Ruin Me: –Low Antifreeze. –Extra Pickles. –Winning the Lottery. (A Lot of Those Dudes Seem Messed Up) Continue reading On The 101, Comin’ At ‘Cha Low T-Style, Full Stop, D101 /YoF

Hail to The Kaiser, Roll in the New Year, of Fun, Day ’94

Hail to The Kaiser, Roll in the New Year, of Fun, Day ’94: 1. Make the Math Work, Add More Variables. 2. Death Muddin’ 3000, Buck Wild Edition. 3. Starting at Zero, Figure Out How Long It Would Take You To Reach One Million Dollars On Your Current Salary. Pretend You’ll Live That Long. Continue reading Hail to The Kaiser, Roll in the New Year, of Fun, Day ’94

Bitten By A Jelly Fish in The Sea of Possibility, Day ’93, Oh, The Years of Fun

Bitten By A Jelly Fish in The Sea of Possibility, Day ’93, Oh, The Years of Fun: 1. Today’s Random Number is 27. Once Again, Today’s Lucky Random Number is 27. 2. Speak ‘N Spell Name Day. (G-L-O-R-I-A) 3. Build Cut-Rate Time Machine. Kill Hitler’s Third Cousin, Luigi. Pop Culture Today: Miss the Game of Thrones premiere? Watch it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007HNFREW?tag=-10-15-20 Continue reading Bitten By A Jelly Fish in The Sea of Possibility, Day ’93, Oh, The Years of Fun

The Event (2010)

When do you give up on a TV show? When I did my least essential guide to the new fall season a little while ago, I said I’d give The Event five episodes. Well, I’m ready to bail. This semi-review contains spoilers from the first two episodes. It’s okay, seems like the producers are intent on spoiling their own mysteries anyway. The strange prisoners in episode one are aliens. Big whoop. It was the most obvious answer and the one I hoped wasn’t true. V is already sucking up the airwaves. It just seems lazy. I guess it’s nice we’re … Continue reading The Event (2010)

The Kingdom Series 2 (1997)

Kinda lazy today. I recently finished the Swedish TV miniseries The Kingdom which I talked about the beginning here. In that review, I compared the emerging plot lines to a really strange paper Role Playing Game. After seeing all that Lars Von Triers had filmed on The Kingdom, the strangeness is ratcheted up ten fold. There was to be a series 3, but a few key actors had died. Triers sent the season 3 scripts to Stephen King for the American version of The Kingdom, but ABC canceled season one in 2004 after just a few episodes. Too weird for … Continue reading The Kingdom Series 2 (1997)

Lone Star (2010)

As the week plows on, I’ve trying out as many of the new shows of the fall TV season as I can get through. Everything I’ve made fun of in the Twitter feed (on the side), I’ve watched. Most of the new crop of shows haven’t really caught my attention enough to pull my eyeballs away from the more established shows I’ve been watching. Except one, Lone Star. Of course, the one show I like got really crappy ratings. It’s already on death watch, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. And if you go to the Fox site or … Continue reading Lone Star (2010)

The New TV Season (2010)

As a kid, September meant two things—A new Trapper Keeper and the new new TV season. While they don’t make Trapper Keepers anymore, I still put on the feety pajamas, break out the thick new TV Guide Fall Preview (or in this case the new Flabbytainment Weekly, do they still make the TV Guide?) and pick all the shows I plan to watch, sample and avoid. Until 2002, I also buy a bulk stack of VCR tapes to record all the goodness. Now, with two DVR’s, I can watch up to four shows at once, networked throughout the house. And … Continue reading The New TV Season (2010)

Terriers (2010)

FX is like Spike TV’s older smarter brother. The shows skew male, but have plenty in them to attract female viewers. I can’t think of a show on FX I don’t like, even the ones I don’t watch (Justified) I at least sampled and just decided I didn’t have time this season for them. I can’t say the same for HBO and Showtime which too often substitute boobs and gore for storytelling. (Although, this week on FX was male ass week, thankfully Louie ended last week) The Shield may have been unfairly compared to The Sopranos, but had more gas, … Continue reading Terriers (2010)

Louie, God (2010)

A few years ago, while working on my own beliefs, I became fascinated with conversion stories and de-conversion stories. The religion didn’t matter because the stories were generally pretty similar. I’m not talking about people brought up one way and therefore never have to convert, but people who do a 180 in their lives after years of being a believer or non-believer. The conversion stories were generally fraught with great emotion, the person generally went through some serious trauma or saw something unexplainable. Many said they could hear God’s voice, telling them to do something they didn’t want to do, … Continue reading Louie, God (2010)