2 or 3 Things I know About Her (1967) * 1/2 and Mad Men

Two or Three Things I Know About Her (1967) *1/2 First Viewing A Warning! This review will be fragmented and abstract and not necessarily speak much to the film. This last season of Mad Men was mostly on my mind during the viewing of this classic French film by New Wave Director Jean Luc Goddard. I’m putting my deconstruction disclaimer up front, like Goddard. Released in 1967, I imagine Megan made Don to see the film on the advice of one of her actress friends. Megan wants to be an artiste, you see, but lacks the self-reflection needed to create … Continue reading 2 or 3 Things I know About Her (1967) * 1/2 and Mad Men

21 Days (1940) ***1/2 and Prometheus (2012) ****

21 Days (1940) ***1/2 First Viewing It’s either the best or it’s the worst and since I don’t have to choose I guess I won’t and I know this ain’t no way to treat a guest But why don’t you grab your old lady by the feet and just lay her out in the darkest street and by morning, she’s just another hit and run. You know, some people got no choice and they can never find a voice to talk with that they can even call their own So the first thing that they see that allows them the … Continue reading 21 Days (1940) ***1/2 and Prometheus (2012) ****

And So It Begins, Again

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve watched at least five movies a week. I’m a total media junkie. Five Movies a week, 10 or so records, a boardgame or two, and a crapton of TV. Honestly, I’ve weighted it, a crapton. I’m in my mid 40’s now (remembering exact ages is for the soon to be depressed), so by my estimation I’ve seen thousands of movies. On the Buddism scale of quiet zen reflection, I’m a total failure unless, as I imagine this is the way the world now operates, we’re just a collection of what media we’ve consumed. … Continue reading And So It Begins, Again