Guess This Author Answer 04: Agatha Christie

No One Guessed, So No Winners. We Thought This One Was Easy. We Used The New Version 5 of Midjourney. While More Accurate with Context, Midjourney’s Changes, While More Accurate, Are Also Approaching The Mediocity Quickly. You Can See Kenneth Branaugh As Hercule Poroit. Plus, There’s The English Casts of And Then There Were None & The ABC Murders. No Tony Randall, That’s My Favorite Version of The ABC Murders.

Again, All We Do With This Game is Put In The Book Titles with No Modifiers to Generate The Pictures.

Even though The Fiesta 13 is on Vacation The Next Week, We’re Starting a New, Daily Feature—HUGWIND!—Tomorrow. Check It Out.

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.



Guess This Director Answer: Preston Sturges

A tip of The Hat to John, The Only Patron to Answer Ths Week’s Guess This… & He Had the Correct Answer!

The Next Time John Visits The Fiesta 13, He Gets to Pick a Free Prize from The Prize Box.

A Well-Known Mystery Author is The Subject of Next Week’s Guess This…

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Guess This Director 01

This One Might Be Difficult.

We Fed All of The Movie Titles From This Classic Mid-20th Century Director Into The Non-Subtle Fake Art Robots @midjourney. While Also an Acclaimed Screenwriter, This Director Was Known Mostly for Comedies.

Fake Art Robots Suck at Comedy.

Answer on Friday. 

Leave Guesses in the Comments.

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.


Guess This Band 04 Answer

Guess This Band 04 Answer.

Technically, Only Derek Dibbern Got This One Correct. But Let’s Up The Stakes, We Fed 30 Separate Wilco Song Titles into The Fake Art @midjourney.

How Many of The 30 Songs Can You Name?

In The Comments, Name as Many Unique Wilco Songs as You Can Up to Thirty Songs. Wrong Answers Count Against Correct Answers, So Be Deliberate with Your Answers.

Next Friday, The Patron Who’s First with The Most Correct & Unique Answers WILL WIN AN AWESOME XXL WILCO T-SHIRT!

We’ve Only Worn The Shirt a Few Times & The Shirt is Freshly Washed and Ready to Alt. Country!

To Help You Succeed Below is The Original Puzzle, Plus TWO MORE New Wilco Puzzles with The Same 30 Songs.

The Fiesta 13, Blaine, Ne.