Small World (2010)

Today is the start of two consecutive board game days. I like the game day, but the thought of them upcoming exhausts me somewhat. I suffer from The Cult of the New. Whatever game that is out there that I haven’t played, I want to play it. This means a good chunk of time having the rules explained, then there’s board set-up and the extra long waits between turns because others are new and figuring out strategies and the, the worse part, going back to clarify a rule in game while we’re playing. Sites like Boardgame News and The Gaming … Continue reading Small World (2010)

Palm Heroes (2010)

No, it’s not a porn review, just a short iPhone game review. It’s late and I’ve being playing the stupid game for the past few hours, listening to podcasts. There’s a bunch of things to review—a new board game we picked up today, Gemlock, the new expansion to Thunderstone or Louie (watch it, it’s on FX, the last one about God was one of the best things on TV this month. While we’re at it, tonight’s Mad Men should net Elizabeth Moss and Jon Hamm Emmys. Best episode of the season. Rubicon was good as well.) Enough rambling… Palm Heroes … Continue reading Palm Heroes (2010)