The Rules

It’s simple. There are four lists. I take the first item from each of the movie lists and bottom up for the Rolling Stone list and that’s my choices for the next review. The movie lists are alphabetical (mostly). They’ll always be in this order:

The 500 Essential Cult Movies
Horror!: 333 Films to Scare You to Death
The Criterion Collection on Hulu
1001 Records You Must Hear Before You Die

Once the review–or more accurately, blog post with the item as theme—is finished, I replace the ‘up next’ with the next item from that category. Boom.

If I’ve already seen a movie or heard an album, I don’t have to view it again and I’ll include that info in the post. This way, I’m not necessarily watching something everyday. If a movie is part of a series, I am allowed to start with the first of the series and watch them in order. The reviews are not strictly one-a-day. Also, word count can vary from post to post, but I’ll include at least a star rating on each post. I do not want to go crazy.

Many movies overlap on the lists. Duplicates are removed from the list after the review. If I’m absolutely unable to find the movie to watch, I move it to the bottom of the list. I check availibity before I post the ‘Up Next” section. There are many ways to obtain movies. Cough, cough.

Basically, that’s it.

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